You’ve probably been wondering for a while: Are you the office “plant guy?” It’s about more than just bringing in a terrarium or growing a few Venus flytraps at your desk. It’s a part of your personality and how your co-workers perceive you.

The truth is, every company needs an office plant guy. They’re a key part of boosting team morale. When your co-workers need an afternoon brain break, you gather everybody around to watch the carnivs feast on some flies.

You’ve got your comfortable no tuck shirts, a watering can on your desk, and plenty of plant care books. Any of this ringing a bell?

Apart from the jokes your boss makes, here’s how to tell if you’re the office plant guy. And no, your new title probably won’t come with a raise. Sorry.

You’ve Got a Desk Full of Plants

Taken literally, the office plant guy is, well, a plant guy. If plants make your desk their home, whether it’s a viny pothos or towering bamboo shoots, you’re definitely the team’s resident horticulturist.

No matter what plants pique your interest , cultivating a mini garden livens up any office. You enjoy bringing nature into your workplace and building a vibrant space to take five once in a while.

Keep up the hard work, and don’t be afraid to make plants your go-to gift for your office mates.

Co-workers Come to You for Advice

As the plant guy, you can always coax plants back to life with the right combination of water, fertilizer, and time in the sun. It just makes sense that everyone in the office goes to you for your stellar advice.

No, you don’t just tell people to try bullet journaling, take cold showers, or stop scrolling on their phones so much.

You really listen and understand what the person tells you. Just like when your plants show you what they need, you notice similar signs from your co-workers and deliver expert advice that actually helps. Don’t be surprised when more people start coming to you for help. Just remember to set some boundaries. You’re the plant guy, not a miracle worker.

Compliments Are Your Specialty

Just like regularly watering your plants, regularly complimenting your co-workers works wonders for everyone’s growth and the morale of the entire team.

These aren’t your garden-variety compliments either. They’re special. You think about what you say and choose something that shows your deep appreciation for the people you work with. Something simple, like complimenting their new short sleeve dress shirt, means a lot. Or dig deeper and compliment their personality or achievements. You know how to help people flourish.

Comfort Comes in All Forms

Your plants have to stay comfortable, and so do you. Just like growing a healthy garden in less-than-optimal office conditions, you always prioritize comfort, even in work clothes.

How do you stay comfortable at work? It’s not about showing up to a meeting in shorts and a hoodie. It means dressing in a collared shirt and pants that feel as comfortable as the clothes you’d work out or lounge around in. But it still looks just as professional as your fanciest fits.

You’re always taking walks outside on your breaks, and you stay hydrated 24/7. It’s the dedication to health, wellness, and comfort that makes you the greatest plant guy your office has ever seen.

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