Sure, you could keep wearing the same pants day after day. But sometimes, you just want to hit the reset button on your entire wardrobe. Spring is the perfect time to do it.

How exactly do you know when you’re ready for new clothes? It’s not like you have a personal stylist telling you what to wear and when to wear it. Side note: If you do have a stylist and you’re reading this, it’s safe to say they’ve dropped the ball.

These five telltale signs mean it’s time to take spring seriously and refresh your outfits with new golf polos, work pants, and everything in between.

Your Co-workers Comment on Your Outfit

“That’s my favorite shirt of yours.”

This might as well be a death sentence for your wardrobe. If Nancy in accounting remembers all your outfits or Joe in sales tells new hires you’re the guy who always wears blue polos, you’re overdue for a refresh.

Sure, keep some of your favorite pieces. They’re your favorites for a reason. But do a thorough purge of anything that feels played out. Introduce some new button-ups or a navy blue blazer into your rotation and give your wardrobe a sense of spring with fresh new colors.

You Wear the Same Clothes as Your Dad

Nobody’s saying your old man isn’t stylish. But there’s a huge difference in styles that look good on a retiree and outfits made to impress at a modern office.

If you and dad wear the exact same clothes, then it’s time for a change (doesn’t matter if mom wanted to combine birthday shopping trips). Would your shirt feel more at home in a bingo hall? Maybe you swore you saw the same style on a late-night sitcom rerun. Don’t overthink it—update and upgrade.

Look for athletic fits that double as business-casual wear you’d see in the office. A collared shirt that works in the boardroom and at a backyard barbecue is a great way to stay modern and fresh.

You Hear the Words Vintage or Retro

We won’t mince words here. If someone compliments your “vintage” style or loves that you dress “retro,” it’s time for new clothes. It’s really that simple.

You Notice Frays or Holes

Sometimes a spring refresh isn’t so much about style as it is about resurrecting your favorite looks.

You got away with hiding everyday wear and tear during the winter under layers, but there’s no hiding it once spring rolls around. It’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new.

Spring means new life, and it’s the perfect season to inject your wardrobe with some style that gets you excited about your closet. You’ll feel fresher, and you’ll look even better. It’ll set up the tone for a successful rest of the year.

You Get Bored

The first person your clothes should impress? You. If you’re not enjoying your outfits and feeling good while you wear them, it’s time to spring into something new.

How do you know when you’re bored?

You just don’t feel that jolt of electricity when you look at your closet. You don’t even give your outfit a second thought before throwing on the same old shirt. You’ve quit taking time to appreciate your look before leaving for the day. You walk around with a little less pep in your step. People don’t ask where you got your polo. You need something more.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you’re probably experiencing wardrobe boredom. Don’t rush to contact your doctor. Just hit up your favorite clothing brand, and they’ll have exactly what you need to feel like yourself again.

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